What is Excel XLOOKUP Function and How to Use XLOOKUP?

Xlookup Feature Image

In the last week of August, Microsoft announced a new function ‘XLOOKUP’ as an upcoming successor of famous functions such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. Before I start to Explain what is XLOOKUP and How to use XLOOKUP Function, I want to tell you about VLOOKUP‘s incredible history.

VLOOKUP was in existence since the First version of excel in 1985, 34 years ago. Since then it has been the 3rd most used function of Microsoft Excel. Every Excel user started his way to become a professional by using the function VLOOKUP. But VLOOKUP has some notable limitations, to overcome them Microsoft has decided to introduce a VLOOKUP killer function i.e. XLOOKUP.

You will be able to use XLOOKUP in newer versions of Microsoft office to come, for now, it is just available for the Office Insiders. So you have some more period to wait for before you can start using this function.

How XLOOKUP is Better than VLOOKUP?

By reading this, you will come to know how XLOOKUP is superior to VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, and how It is going to make up for the limitations of VLOOKUP.

What is XLOOKUP?

XLOOKUP was announced on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, for a certain percentage of Office Insiders. It is named so because it can look in Multiple directions like Horizontal and verticle. It has 5 arguments that will fulfill all your lookup needs. The structure of the XLOOKUP is as shown.

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match Mode], [Search Mode])

We will how to use XLOOKUP in detail further in this article.

Why release a new Xlookup function?

While excel users were using VLOOKUP function widely, It has some limitations which are fixed by the XLOOKUP function, though the advanced users can turn to INDEX/MATCH function but most of the users find it difficult. The Key Features/Advantages of XLOOKUP over VLOOKUP are as follows.

  1. Can perform lookup to the left: VLOOKUP searches for the first column and returns the value which is to the right. Users have to rearrange their data to lookup value which is to the left. while XLOOKUP can Find a match anywhere irrespective of the direction.
  2. Can find the last match: In XLOOKUP, we can find the last match as well, which is not possible in VLOOKUP which gives only the first match.
  3. Defaults to an exact match: XLOOKUP defaults to an exact match which is its 4th argument. whereas VLOOKUP defaults to an Approximate match.
  4. Has Speed Improvements: XLOOKUP has all the speed improvements of VLOOKUP 2018. The performance of XLOOKUP is better as we specify only two columns instead of the whole table.
  5. Can insert/delete columns: Using XLOOKUP user can insert or delete the columns as it does not rely on the column number like VLOOKUP.
  6. Can search for the next large item: XLOOKUP has the 4th argument which is ‘Exact‘ by default but you can also search for the next large value.
  7. Returns Range instead of Value: XLOOKUP returns the range, unlike the VLOOKUP which returns a value. So it can be useful in Data Validation.

How to Use XLOOKUP function?

XLOOKUP is easy to Use. We will take a detailed look at how to use the XLOOKUP function. The basic XLOOKUP Function can even be used with only 3 arguments but if you want to perform an advanced Lookup you can use all five arguments of the function. Its syntax is as follows.

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match_Mode], [Search_Mode])

Let us go by an example. Suppose in the given data of the companies we have to find the ‘Company Name‘ by using the ‘Customer ID‘. Let’s try with VLOOKUP first.


Oops! VLOOKUP cannot be used in this Scenario as the Column index number is -2 which is less than 0, so you will get the #VALUE! error. VLOOKUP cannot find the value to the left of the lookup value it only works in the right direction.

Let’s try by Using the XLOOKUP function this time. Follow the steps to understand how to use the XLOOKUP function.

STEP 1: Specify the Lookup_Value i.e. the value you are looking for in the data table. In this case, it is cell G4 (Choose Customer ID).

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match_Mode], [Search_Mode])

How to use XLOOKUP-Lookup_Value
Step1: Lookup_Value

STEP 2: Specify the Lookup_array i.e. the column in which you are looking for your Lookup_Value. In this case, it is Column C. Don’t forget to freeze it by pressing F4.

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match_Mode], [Search_Mode])

XLOOKUP Lookup_Array
Step2: Lookup_Array

STEP 3: Specify the Return_Array i.e. which column you want to return. In this case, it is Column A. press F4. Notice how we can select a single Column In XLOOKUP which contains the return value, whereas in VLOOKUP we have to select the whole Table. The return_array is on the left-hand side of the lookup_array, which is again not possible in VLOOKUP.

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match_Mode], [Search_Mode])

XLOOKUP Return_Array
Step3: Return_Array

STEP 4: Match_Mode allows you to select the type of match you want. The 4 options are:

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match_Mode], [Search_Mode])

what is XLOOKUP Match_mode
Step4: Match_mode
  • Use 0 to perform an exact match. XLOOKUP defaults as an exact match
  • Use -1 to look for an exact match or the next smaller match in case no exact match is found.
  • Use 1 to look for an exact match or the next larger match in case no exact match is found.
  • Use 2 for wildcard character match

In our case, we need an exact match so we will keep it 0. Notice how 4th and 5th arguments are in square brackets it means they are optional.

STEP 5: Search_Mode allows you to select the type of Search you want XLOOKUP to perform. The 4 options are:

=XLOOKUP(Lookup_Value, Lookup_Array, Return_Array, [Match_Mode], [Search_Mode])

what is XLOOKUP Search_mode
Step5: Search_mode
  • Use 1 to perform the search from Top. XLOOKUP defaults as a First to Last search mode
  • Use -1 to perform the search from Bottom/Last
  • Use 2 and -2 to perform Binary searches on Sorted data which is ascending or descending.

In Our case, we need to search from first to last so we will keep it 1.

Press ENTER. Now the XLOOKUP is giving up the value ‘Fastners co.’ from column A. Our XLOOKUP is working perfectly where VLOOKUP could not do good.


What Happens to VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP?

VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP both will continue to be used in excel for now. Once you get your hands on XLOOKUP I suggest you to use the function because it is similar, simple and more effective.

Even though XLOOKUP is currently available for Microsoft Office 365 Insider program, that too for limited members. It might be coming out soon for everyone in future updates.

Please comment below if you liked this article or if you have any queries regarding this new function. Thank you!

To send your ideas and Suggestions to Excel Community use UserVoice. You can follow Excel on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with Microsoft Excel.

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  24. Spin Online Casino Canada has a library of around 500 games. Microgaming and its studios — Rabcat, Slingshot, and Triple Edge — power the majority of these games. The renowned developer is known for its premium slots and has excellent table games and other casino options. All casino games are available instantly on the site, with no downloads necessary, and most of them support demo play. In some cases multiple machines are linked across multiple casinos. In these cases, the machines may be owned by the manufacturer, who is responsible for paying the jackpot. The casinos lease the machines rather than owning them outright. Casinos in New Jersey, Nevada, Louisiana, Arkansas, and South Dakota now offer multi-state progressive jackpots, which now offer bigger jackpot pools. The worst part? Casinos often advertise that their “average payouts” are as high as 95 percent. But beware: That number applies only to certain machines, and the casinos don’t rush to tell you which ones. You really need to read or ask about the fine print before playing. You can also check the information on the machine to see if it lists its payouts. (Don’t expect this information to be front and center.)
    The entire Canterbury Park family thanks you for choosing to play at Canterbury Park, and we look forward to welcoming you back when we can. We will keep you informed as we know more. The entire Canterbury Park family thanks you for choosing to play at Canterbury Park, and we look forward to welcoming you back when we can. We will keep you informed as we know more. Homestretch offers up staples such as burgers and pizza, while Park Restaurant features a more elaborate menu and full-service bar. There’s also the 24 7 Finish Line Cafe. Our YMCA Poker Classic at Canterbury Park was a great event. The staff was easy to work with, the food was terrific, and they put on a first class casino experience. Having professional dealers who are personable takes the event to a different level .

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  26. This marks a big issue for Pokerstars in several area’s. The main problem is that play-money hands should not count towards Milestone hands, as they are not real-money games which now means that the hand count in the Milestone counter must be wrong. Play blackjack, roulette and baccarat with live dealers and enjoy top casino games any time at your fingertips. Claim weekly promotions, a huge Welcome Bonus and the best recurring promos and perks. Ever since PokerStars went live in New Jersey back in 2016, there’s been talk, speculation and hope that a national PokerStars site would launch again in the United States. Sadly, that looks like it might never come to fruition. For that to happen, there would have to be federal regulation regarding online poker and the federal government seems happy to let each state do it on its own. Certain states, like Utah, who have gambling outlawed in their constitution, seem like they’ll always be a roadblock to federal regulation and something like a national PokerStars.
    Mexican stud poker definitely sounds fun, and it is a great game that many people can enjoy. But how exactly did the game start? In fact, nobody knows for sure about how and where did Mexican stud poker originate from. If you do a quick search on Google, even Wikipedia does not have a clear and definite answer to the origins of the game. Despite its mysterious beginnings, Mexican stud poker has been played for many years in Mexico and Central America, which may give us a clue to its name and origins. Sounds and Colours began its life in 2010. Back then it was a simple blog looking at underground culture in South America. Since then it has become one of the world’s #1 sources for information on culture from Latin America and the Caribbean, printing specialist books, starting a record label and maintaining this website, with collaborators based around the world. Find out more about Sounds and Colours here.

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    United’s away shirt for next season is rumoured to be a first for the club, with a dark green that almost looks grey to the naked eye being the main colour. The shirt looks like it could be striped, too, with red accents. A man has been charged by police after confronting Eddie Howe on the touchline during Newcastle’s 2-2 draw with Leeds at Elland Road. Brenden Aaronson hit the post from a Leeds free kick, a let- off Manchester United capitalised on as Sancho, back in the squad after a lengthy absence due to physical and mental wellbeing issues, grabbed the equaliser with a calm finish. Whether its a ticketing enquiry, a matchday issue or a question for the Elland Road Superstore, find the right department to get in touch with Leeds United.

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  31. Tulalip, Washington Be sure to choose your state when you first sign up. Not only will the wrong state mess up your geo-tracking, but you may also have fewer betting options to boot if done incorrectly. BetMGM also offers casino games and poker in the few states where it’s legal, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. See full list of states available below. Closed October 22, 2022 Lacey, Washington Frequently Asked Questions Access exclusive hotel deals, only with the Travelocity app TACOMA, Wash. – Monday kicks off the largest sportsbook in all of the Northwest at Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma.  The premier gaming location in the Northwest! But after its gamble paid off with many years in the casino business, the Puyallup Tribe knew when to hold ‘em, knew when to fold ‘em and retired the vessel as a casino in 2004. The ship is now moored next to Tacoma’s “Firecracker Alley” and is up for sale by the Tribe. The boat’s total interior space measures more than 70,000 square feet (23,400 square feet for the casino; 25,320 square feet for the lounge) and can be accessed by three gangways to the second deck and one gangway to the main deck.
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  33. U kunt alleen reageren op woningen, die passen bij uw verzamelinkomen en de grootte van uw huishouden. Dat heeft te maken met de wet Passend Toewijzen. Op ‘Huren in Holland Rijnland’ vindt u onder de button ‘Passend aanbod’ de woningen waarop u mag reageren. Onze Live Casino spellen worden aangeboden door derde partijen. Deze zijn gecertificeerd en voldoen aan de regels gesteld door de Nederlandse wetgeving. We zijn daarmee geautoriseerd om de spellen aan te bieden en onze spelers toegang te geven om zo transacties te doen van en naar hun spelersaccount van en naar de Live Casino Games.  De FNV gebruikt functionele en analytische cookies die noodzakelijk zijn om de websites zo goed mogelijk te laten functioneren. Deze cookies gebruiken geen persoonsgegevens en hier is geen toestemming voor nodig. Daarnaast maken we gebruik van marketing cookies om de website op jouw voorkeuren af te stemmen. Hiervoor kun je onderstaand toestemming geven. Je kunt je instellingen altijd weer wijzigen op de pagina over de cookies.
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  34. 業界においては、地方自治体や地域社会と連携して、防災活動や地域清掃活動などの地域に密着した幅広い社会貢献活動を展開してこられたものと承知しております。 【別記様式一号】 (166KB; PDFファイル) ここでは、違法カジノではないオンラインカジノ(略してオンカジ)やネットカジノ(ネカジ)とインカジを比較して、安心してギャンブルを楽しむ方法をご紹介します。 オンラインカジノ初心者ナビでは、信頼性の高いオンラインカジノだけを厳選して紹介しています。これからオンラインカジノを始めたいと思っている方は、ぜひ参考にしてみてください! 尚且、このプレイヤーが海外に訪れオンラインカジノ事業者と接触していた点から、オンラインカジノの運営事業者の1人とみなされ、検挙・取り調べで聞かれたというプレイヤーの証言が発表されています。 電気通信事業登録番号:第72号 読売テレビニュース 最近あいつビビってるよ!ライブやらなくなったし。らぶりーもオンカジのことツイートしなくなった! おそらく、警視庁のサイバー犯罪対策課に寄せられた相談や通報などによって、初めてスマートライブカジノを知り、捜査に着手したのだろう。相談件数が、看過できぬくらい増えていたのかもしれない。なかには具体的で、信憑性のある通報や相談もあったせいだと推測される。捜査機関が、インターネット上の匿名通報で動くのは相当な重大事である。それはある憲法を理解すればわかる。
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  35. This will allow you to place bets on different online casino games, whether you’re playing progressive jackpots, blackjack or your favorite slot machine. Some sports books will provide you with the ability to use PayPal to make deposits and bet on horseracing and sporting events, while many lottery providers are beginning to allow the use of PayPal to purchase tickets online. If you choose PayPal to play at PlayOJO, you can deposit as little as £10 without any fees, and there’s no minimum withdrawal. Deposit is instant, and withdrawals take less than 24 hours. The other e-wallets available are Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and MuchBetter. As a result, operators restrict the number of games valid & playable for the deposit-free bonus. It’s crucial to go through the whole of terms associated with online casino deposit-free bonus in America for a better understanding of its usage. If at all the casino do not feature your best-loved game, do ensure to give this American-based deposit-free bonus a trial.
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  36. Bonus Terms: Although most bonus offers at Planet 7 Casino is attached to a play-through requirement, some of them offer no play-through as well as a no max. cash-out limit. T&C apply. See website for full details You need to wager your bonus 1x before you can turn it into cash. This becomes 40x for Planet 7 no deposit bonus codes. Once you’ve done this you can then either withdraw the cash for your Planet 7 Casino bonus codes or you can continue playing at the casino. Planet 7 Casino is offering a solid amount of games, great software, many deposits, and withdrawal options while having their licenses clear and available, so at this time we have no negative comments whatsoever. Not too many casinos are registered at Cyprus and offer games for US players with accepting US dollars, Euros and British Pounds, so it seems like Planet 7 Casino is doing their best in trying to please as many players as possible. Quite frankly, it seems like they are succeeding very well.
    No deposit casinos are online casinos for real money that offer no deposit bonuses to players. These bonuses may or may not be accompanied by no deposit bonus codes that players must use to redeem them. Online casinos across the globe have a great fan following given the variety of games they possess. From slot machine games to roulette and blackjack, players can play all of these games at an online casino, as though they were playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. However, to attract customers, these sites offer incentives in the form of free spins no deposit bonuses. Scroll through some of the available casinos on this page and you will see that quite a few Canadian online casinos have no deposit bonuses. After using your no deposit bonus and playing a few games, you’ll be on your way to winning bigger prizes!

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